Make Modern Pong Game

New Unity course for complete beginners.
Would you like to make a 3D graphics game and learn to program with C#?
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What will I Make?

You will make one of the first computer games ever created - Pong for two players.

What will I Learn?

Get experience using Unity - leading 3D game engine

Work with 3D objects and apply materials

Use powerful cross-platform programming language - C#

Detect collisions, receive user input and create player movement

Develop problem solving skills

Get an excellent understanding of the game making process

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Learn how to download, install and run Unity game engine on your computer.

#1 Unity Installation
  • Download and Install Unity

  • Create Unity ID

  • Run Unity

  • Explore Sample Content

  • Quiz

Understand how physics work in Unity. How to create Colliders, Triggers and change properties with Physic Materials.

#4 Physics basics in Unity
  • Rigid Bodies

  • Colliders

  • Triggers

  • Physic Materials

  • Quiz

Learn how to read user input and assign keyboard shortcuts to move rackets.

#7 Moving Rackets
  • Preparing the Racket

  • IF Statement

  • ELSE Statement

  • Racket Logic

  • Keyboard Input

  • Quiz

Connect Ball and Game Manager Scripts in order to make Game Manager aware of any Ball events .

#10 Dialogue of Scripts
  • Game Manager and the Ball

  • Referencing the Ball

  • Get Ball Component

  • Scripting a connection

  • Quiz

Get familiar with Unity interface, Game Objects and Game Components. Change object colors with Materials.

#2  The Pong Game
  • Game/Scene View, Inspector

  • Hierarchy, Project View

  • Pong Game Overview

  • Create New Project

  • Game Objects and Game Components

  • Create New Material

  • Quiz

Learn about C# programming language and write your first script to output “Hello World!” string to Console.

#5 “Hello World!”
  • Console Window

  • Creating Scripts

  • Writing “Hello World!” program

  • C# Programming Language

  • Print Command Output

  • Quiz

Get familiar with Prefabs in Unity and learn how to instantiate Game Objects with help of script.

#8 Game Manager
  • Game Manager Script

  • What is Prefab

  • Creating Ball Prefab

  • Instantiate Command

  • Creating Custom Method

  • Quiz

Learn how to destroy Game Objects with code, Implement maximum Score Limit and get familiar with scenes management in Unity.

#11 Respawning the Ball
  • Updating Player Score

  • Destroying Ball

  • Maximum Score Limit

  • Score Limit Implementation

  • Working with Scenes

  • Quiz

Learn how to Select, Move, Rotate and Scale Game Objects.

#3 Operations with Game Objects
  • Duplicate and Delete Game Objects

  • Undo/Redo

  • Transformation Tools

  • Selecting Multiple Objects

  • Viewport Navigation

  • Screen Resolution

  • Quiz

Make the Ball move by setting it’s velocity with help of Dot Operator.

#6 Launching the Ball
  • Declaring ballSpeed Variable

  • Initializing Variable

  • RigidBody Variable

  • Dot Operator

  • Movement Direction

  • Quiz

Learn how to use Tags to check collisions between Ball and Gates.

#9 Detecting Collisions
  • Collision Detection

  • Using onTriggerEnter Method

  • Introduction to Tags

  • Creating and Assigning Tags

  • Accessing Tags with Scripts

  • Quiz

Finalize game by adding User Interface elements and making them respond to Game Manager Script commands.

#12 User Interface
  • Lighting Fix

  • Planning UI

  • Assigning UI Elements

  • Scripting UI

  • Finalizing the Game

  • Quiz

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